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Client Understanding Resource Center

No matter your business model...

RIA, broker-dealer, licensee, fee-only planner—being able to understand clients is foundational to success in today’s environment.  This resource center houses all of our research, benchmarks, case studies, and resource guides to help you understand what World-Class Client Understanding looks like—and the “building blocks” to get there.


The current benchmarking period is complete. Benchmarking will re-open in the near future. 

To hear from us when we re-open, please leave your contact information below.

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How SignatureFD Takes Client Niches

to the Next Level

Heather Fortner and Jay Loyd share how SignatureFD extends beyond one-to-one advice, and bringing clients within a niche (e.g., physicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs) together into forums to help them learn from one another, as they share similar journeys. It's a core part of the SignatureFD value proposition, and it's a fascinating story..

Watch the Webinar Replay

Heather Fortner

Heather Fortner

Chief Compliance Officer and COO


Jay Loyd

Jay Loyd

Director, SignaturePRO


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We’ve organized our research into 10 key areas of Client Understanding. 

Click on any of the areas to go deeper into the research and resources.


Client Profiling Tools & Methods

What are the best tools and methods for profiling and understanding a client's goals, priorities, preferences, and current financial situation?


Client Goals & Priorities
Client Planning Preferences
Client Financial  Situation

Relationship Perspective

How do advisors facilitate mutual understanding and collaborate, value-creating relationships with clients and their families.


Advisor-Client  Engagement  Scope
Client  Relationship  Management
Family Dynamics

Workflow Perspective

How should client understanding be integrated with the advice and planning process and underlying information management systems?


Integration with  Advice &  Planning
Integration with  Information Management

Business Perspective

How do the best advisors use client understanding in managing overall client base profitability, segmentation, and experience quality?

Integration with  Client Base Management
Integration with  Experience Management

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Graph_Behavioralists outperform non-behavioralists

Profile of the New High Performing Advisor: The Behavioralist

We spotted a very high performing segment of advisor we came to call the Behavioralist.  These advisors blend soft skills with new, behavioral client diagnostics — and they are dramatically outperforming their peers.

What are these Behavioralists doing differently? 

From the data, and by interviewing them, we know they excel at balancing the human and the technical.  They are taking greater advantage of cutting-edge science and technology (such as [...]

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