Behavioral Economics Opens a New Era in Client Understanding

Learn About the TrueProfile Behavioral Economics Client Intelligence Platform


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As part of FPA's preparation for the partnership with TrueProfile, we had the opportunity to look under the hood and provide input into the gamified, decision science-based client profiling and intelligence platform,, that is coming to market from Berkeley after 18 years of academic and commercial validation. We believe it is worth your time to explore how TrueProfile can be of use to you, your business and clients.


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If you’d like to make your mark, and influence the direction of new behavioral economics inventions from TrueProfile, check the box for TrueProfile’s NextGen Innovation Club. We'll seek your guidance and feedback as we develop the next generation of decision tools for advisors, and we'll give you early access to these tools as they emerge from our labs.  To join, just tick the box at the bottom of the demo request form.

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