The Current State

With the rise in popularity of goals-based planning, it’s not surprising that industry marks are among the highest for this activity area—most advisors seem to be putting more emphasis on defining clear, client-centric goals.

The big opportunities for advisors to develop are around depth and structure:

  • Developing approaches for gaining a deep and personal view into what a client values most, figuring out where the biggest gaps in alignment/fulfillment are, and defining a set of goals that help close those gaps.
  • Having a more formal system for identifying (even quantifying) and prioritizing goals to help clients spot and reconcile trade-offs.

Our Research

See the overall benchmark results for the Client Goals & Priorities activity area:


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Development Opportunities

Goals-based planning is great--assuming the client has meaningful, well-defined goals.



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Bring more science to goals-based planning: apply a behavioral economics lens to prioritization (advanced).