The Current State

Most advisors share some basic criteria when screening prospects and prioritizing clients—the client’s revenue potential and degree of personal alignment ("Can I serve this client given my knowledge and skills?"; "Do I want to serve this client given our personalities and values?").  These represent the foundational building blocks.


But High Performing advisors push things further—focusing more intently on a niche to cultivate depth of understanding and greater efficiency in client service.  Realizing the virtuous circle of client niches is one of the biggest opportunities for development.  Advisors can use client understanding to inform segment/niche development—then use segment/niche understanding to improve productivity and efficiency in understanding and serving individual clients.

Our Research

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Development Opportunities

Do you know who your most profitable clients are and how much it costs to serve them?  Few advisors do.



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Niche development can turbocharge client understanding and improve business performance.  Are you taking advantage of valuable opportunities to focus?

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