The Current State

On the surface, most advisors have pretty similar looking value propositions. While High Performing advisors tend to place less emphasis on their technical competence and more emphasis on client-centric forms of value compared to Low Performing advisors, these differences were not great.   

Some of the main things that seem to separate High Performing advisors include:

  • more effectively “personalizing value” in line with the client’s values, goals, and behavioral growth-edges 
  • establishing more a collaborative approach to working with clients
  • focusing more effort on developing client niches

Our Research

See the overall benchmark results for the Client-Advisor Engagement Scope activity area:


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Development Opportunities

How does your value proposition stack up against the value proposition most likely to win and stand the test of time?



Review our summary analysis of High Performer and Low Performer value propositions.

How can you frame and track the “less tangible” forms of value you create for clients?


Learn more about framing value in client-centric terms and winning client buy-in: review summary

Advisors who define a tighter, more homogeneous client base tend to be more proficient in knowing their clients and delivering more targeted and differentiated value propositions.

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